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Haftorah Discussions

Each class is devoted to the study of a specific Haftorah.  Please consult the Calendar to see when a Haftorah class is scheduled, which Haftorah will be studied as well a contact.  Typically an eblast will be sent alerting members that there will be a class and provide some information about Haftorah as well as date, time and a contact name/email address for any questions.  All classes run from 4:00 PM to approximately 5:30 PM. The class strives to be completely inclusive and everyone is welcome regardless of background or level of knowledge.

Themes considered include the historical background and character of the Prophet who authored the Haftorah; the historical context of the Haftorah; the structure and theme of the Haftorah; how the Haftorah relates to the holiday or Torah portion with which that Haftorah is associated; and what other portions of the Tanakh, Jewish classics, or outside literary sources might illuminate the Haftorah.

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Mon, September 26 2022 1 Tishrei 5783