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Chesed (Caring) Community

Seaside Jewish Community is about community. The many responsibilities we have as Jews include those of Gemilut Khasadim (Acts of Loving Kindness), Bikkur Kholim (Visiting the Sick), and Nikhum Avelim (Bereavement Support). These are provided by our Chesed (Caring) Committee.

If you need assistance or would like to get involved by volunteering to help others, contact us.

Helping Hands

  • Helping Hands team members offer temporary support to SJC members who are ill, grieving, homebound, or just need a helping hand. The support available includes sending cards, visiting people at home, preparing and delivering meals, picking up groceries and prescriptions, and running errands. New team members are welcome. Meals are delivered to congregants who are recovering from illnesses and/or surgery.

Rosh Hashanah/Purim Gift Bags

  • In the last few years at Rosh Hashanah and Purim, those members who have experienced life challenges are provided a thoughtful gift bag. Delivering these bags lets them know that we’re thinking of them and that they are still members of our community.

Pastoral Support

  • In conjunction with the religious leader, committee members who are trained provide support to Seaside Jewish Community members who are dealing with a death of a loved one or a visit when a member is in a local hospital or rehab facility.

Bereavement Support

  • SJC’s Religious Leader is available to help families through the rituals and processes surrounding death, including funeral and burial, Shiva, and notifying the Seaside Jewish Community. Working in conjunction with the religious leader and the family, we provide shiva meals, meals of comfort, and refreshments for memorial services.  We also provide support to the family after the shiva period.


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