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Description of Funds

General Fund

The General Fund is used to support Seaside’s operations as well as many program areas. The general fund is mainly supported by member dues and unrestricted program donations other than those listed below.


Program Funds

Adult Education

Donations to the Adult Education program are used to enhance educational programming and to purchase materials that are not available without cost. These materials could include books, films, subscriptions, and related items and to underwrite live appearances by invited speakers.


Contributions to the Chesed program are used to support congregants in need. These include supplying meals of comfort when a congregant has a bereavement; supplying food for shiva and memorial services; sending cards to those who are ill, recovering from surgery or experiencing a bereavement; supplying meals for those congregants recovering from surgery or experiencing illness; and supplying memorial candles (when not supplied by the funeral home).

Community Service Program

Donations to this fund are used to support non-profit community organizations whose mission coincides with SJC’s commitment to Tikkun Olam. Each year, organizations to receive the funds are identified by the members of the Community Service Committee and approved by the SJC Board of Directors. In selecting organizations, the Community Service Committee gives priority to local non-profit groups or those with a local presence.

High Holiday Appeal

Contributions provided through the High Holiday appeal is used to support Seaside’s operations as well as many program areas.


Contributions to this program support community-wide joint efforts with other faith houses including programs directed at the youth of those faith houses. Worship Contributions to this program support the worship programming provided by Seaside.


Designated / Restricted Funds

Alfred Gross Scholars Program

AGSP invites speakers to Seaside for the purpose of leading interesting and topical discussions for Seaside members. This is a self-funding program.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring

Contributions to this fund help our members’ children prepare for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah by providing tutoring. Tutors work with students once a week, 4- 6 months in advance of their Bar/ Bat Mitzvah.

Building Fund

Provides for the ongoing care and maintenance of our property and building.

Religious Leaders Discretionary Fund

Donations to this fund allow the Religious Leader to respond to needs in the community either by directly and confidentially assisting congregants in need, by supporting other worthy organizations, or by providing scholarships for Jewish programming.

Ritual Objects

Donations will help support the acquisition and maintenance of precious ritual items for SJC, including but not limited to, purchase, repair and/or cleaning of Torahs, mezzuzot, Havdalah items, menorahs, tallit, and siddurim.

Youth Programming

Contributions to this fund support the extracurricular youth programming and religious school programs. The fund provides support for field trips, activities, special educational programming for the religious school (supporting educational materials and supplies), and support for youth group activities

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