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Yiddishkeit Programs


Our Yiddishkeit program got an enthusiastic start on January 27, when we held a "Congregants Speak" program in which our members shared their memories of growing up in Yiddish speaking homes and communities.  There are still more programs to come, so be sure to mark your calendars:


February 24 (Thursday) and March 3 (Thursday) at 5 pm -- Sholem Aleichem, Laughing in the Darkness

We are delighted to present, via Zoom livestream, the documentary "Sholem Aleichem, Laughing in the Darkness."  This compelling production tells of the life and turbulent times of renowned author and playwright Sholem Aleichem, who became known as the "Jewish Mark Twain" for his evocative portrayal of the Jewish experience at the turn of the 20th century  -- a time of Eastern European pogroms and the dislocation of Jewish communities that had existed for centuries, the resulting immigration to America, and the cultural upheaval and modernization that marked the period.  A rich collection of early film footage accompanies the narrative and captures this lost world for posterity.  Because of its length, we will show it in two one-hour segments on February 24 and March 3.

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March 24 (Thursday) at 4 pm – The Life of the Yiddish Language

Join us to hear Sunny Yudkoff give a Zoom presentation on the origins of the Yiddish language, how the language evolved in Eastern Europe, and its travel as part of the Ashkenazi diaspora to North America, Israel, and throughout the world.  While many mourn its demise as a forgotten language, Yiddish is in fact experiencing a renaissance.  Sunny holds a master’s degree from Oxford University in Jewish Studies and a PhD from Harvard University in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, and is presently on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin-Madison as director of the Mayrent Institute for Yiddish Culture.  She speaks regularly to community groups about Yiddish-related topics.

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April 28 (Thursday) at 5 pm -- The Yiddish Cooking Ladies

This program will offer pre-recorded presentations from the Forward website of cooking demonstrations, given by a selection of fabulous Yiddish Cooking Ladies, of delectable traditional Ashkenazi recipes that have graced Jewish tables for generations.  The various Cooking Ladies will share their culinary expertise and enthusiasm in Yiddish, (accompanied by English subtitles.) One of these videos will feature an introduction by Yitzchak Perlman, as he recalls the Yiddish kitchen of his childhood and the delicacies "vus de Mama hat gemacht."  Between demonstrations and at the close of the program, there will be opportunities for people to share their own memories of "Bubbe's kitchen."  Come hungry for the cooking advice, and leave satiated with ideas and recipes for your own "Shabbos Tisch." 

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May 14 (Saturday night) at 7:30 pm -- "A Taste of Jewish Soul Music", a Live In-Person Performance by Celebrated Yiddish Singer and Songwriter Caron Dale, followed by Havdalah and Dessert

We feel so fortunate that award-winning singer and songwriter Caron Dale will perform at SJC on May 14.  Many of us are already familiar with Caron as a founding member of the renowned Klezmer and traditional Jewish music ensemble, Lox and Vodka.  She has performed for notable audiences that have included President Bill Clinton and members of the House and Senate, and is an Artist in Residence at The Kennedy Center.

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In the Taste of Jewish Soul Music program, Caron will present the immigrant experience through song and photos.  The audience will have the opportunity to sing along as we trip together down memory lane.  If you can attend in person, this is a don't-miss event!   (For those who can't attend in person, the performance will be live-streamed).  We will close out the program with Havdalah and dessert.

June 23 (Thursday) at 5 pm -- The Bintl Brief

The Yiddishkeit series’ final program takes us from the early 1900s to the present day through the “The Bintl Brief,” an advice column published in the Yiddish newspaper, The Forward.   Chana Pollack, the archivist of The Forward, explains the important role that this column played in the life of Eastern European Jews as their families acclimated to the new world of America.  Advice was offered on financial problems, domestic squabbles, incorrigible children, and ways to maintain Judaic traditions while becoming an American.  The counseling from a hundred years ago still rings true today. Yiddishkeit is alive and well at The Forward as Chana’s presentation makes clear and serves as the perfect conclusion to our series of programs.  

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