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Volunteer Opportunities

Seaside's volunteer-driven programs enrich community life, keep Seaside operating smoothly, and build connections among members.  There are a number of committees to choose from and other opportunities throughout the year.

Many members report that their closest friendships at the beach originated on a Seaside committee or project.  The following is a list of our current Seaside Committees and their Chairs.  For a brief overview of what each committee does, dated 9-20-2023, click on Seaside Committees.  

Adult Education
Susan Heller
Enid Zafran

Marilyn Feldman


Safety & Security
  Neil Trugman   
Tom Zaconie

Barry Novich
Allan Slan

High Holy Days
(HHD) Logistics

Barry Novich
Reba Novich

Social Events
Marjorie Norris
Peter Zoll

 Phyllis Bloom

Mat Ash
Stanley Silverblatt 

Social Justice
Jodye Russell
Leslie Slan

Susan Towers

Kitchen Kabinet
Andrea Hoffman
Dill Patz

Jason Bradley
Fran Leibowitz

Community Service
Donna Hoffman

Elaine Hochman

Youth & Family Engagement
Sara Rosen
Matt Silverman

Howie Hochman
Peter Zoll



Besides our committees, some of our volunteer opportunities include: 
     •   Chesed Helping Hands
     •   Food rescue and meal programs
     •   Social events to social action
     •   Religious service participation

     •   Sponsoring an oneg or kiddush
     •   Serving as ushers/greeters at services or events.  

If there is a specific committee you may be interested in, please contact the Committee Chair by leaving a message on our main phone or send an email below, and you will be contacted.

Phone:   302-226-8977  (Please leave a message)
General Email:










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