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Joel Simon - Hay Teacher
Joel has taught in the SJC Religious School for several school years, working with various age groups and has prepared many SJC students for their Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations. He was the director of the religious school from 2014-2019. Dr. Simon has been a teacher and a guidance counselor in high schools since 1993 and is currently a guidance counselor at Cape Henlopen High School.
David Kobrin - Bar/Bat Mitzvah Teacher
David taught 5th through 8th grades, plus Bat and Bar mitzvah students, for more than 20 years in Westchester County, NY. Since retiring from there, he has continued his teaching career at SJC. Additionally, David has been tutoring several students. David enjoys working with children and particularly enjoys watching students' progress and confidence grow with language acquisition and the learning of traditions.
Narda Namrow - Gimmel Class Teacher
This will be Narda's seventh year teaching in the Religious School. She is a mortgage loan officer at Eagle Bank in Montgomery County, MD. Narda feels strongly about educating all of our children at Seaside, including her two daughters, one of whom was bat mitzvahed last year.
Ethan Simon - Gimmel Class Teacher
Ethan is a 9th grade student at Cape Henlopen High School. He loves teaching Hebrew letters to SJC's students. This is Ethan's third year teaching in the Religious School.
Emily Freid - Hey Class Teacher
Emily is beginning her third year of high school at Sussex Academy. This will be her fourth year teaching at SJC's Religious School, and she is proud of it. Emily enjoys coming to the synagogue on Sundays to teach as well as learn from her eager, young students. In addition, she stays busy by going to dance classes and horseback riding lessons during her free time.
Alyssa Simon - Gimmel Class Teacher
Alyssa has been teaching at Seaside since 2009. She believes strongly in being a Jewish role model for her children. Seaside allows her children to be part of the Jewish community in Sussex County. Alyssa teaches special education during the school year and summer at both Sussex Tech and Cape Henlopen. This will be her 21st year in education. Alyssa has a Bachelor's of Education degree from The University of Delaware and Master of Education degrees from Bloomsburg University and Wilmington University. In addition to teaching, Alyssa also serves as Vice President of the Seaside Board of Directors.
Marissa Hawtof - Gimmel Class Teacher
Marissa Hawtof is an 11th grade student at Sussex Academy. She will be teaching at SJC for her fifth year. Marissa enjoys working with the younger students and is enthusiastic about teaching the Gimmel class.
David Udoff - Gimmel Class Teacher
This will be David's third year teaching at Seaside. He will be teaching the Gimmel class. He and his family have been members of the congregation since 2013. His daughter will be entering her sixth year at the Religious School. David works as a copy editor for the American Physiological Society. He and his family moved to Delaware from Montgomery County, MD in 2012 David has been involved in a number of activities at Seaside and currently serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors at SJC. He is proud to serve the Seaside congregation and its students at the Religious School.
Marjorie Kobrin - Alef Class Teacher
Marjorie taught Kindergarten through 2nd grade Religious School for more than 20 years and was the Early Childhood Director of the Rosenthal JCC in Westchester County, NY, for 35 years. Her dream, beginning in her teenage years, was to develop programs for children in order to enhance their Jewish Heritage. Marjorie began teaching at SJC with "Mommy and Me" Holiday programs. Since retiring, Marjorie has been teaching at Religious School and teaching the Preschool Parent and Child classes.
Isabella Sachs - Bet Class Teacher
Isabella is a 10th grade student at Cape Henlopen High School. This will be her third year teaching Religious School at SJC. She enjoys teaching young students and is excited to teach the Bet class!
Jeffrey Hawtof - Music Teacher
Dr. Hawtof has been a Religious School teacher and/or the music teacher at Seaside since our second year. Our music program teaches both holiday and religious music.
Mindy Straus - Substitute Teacher/Tutor
Mindy is new to the Seaside Jewish Community, having moved to the area with her husband last year. Previously, she worked as a Hebrew School/Sunday School teacher and tutor for 15 years at her congregation in Montgomery County, MD. Mindy is looking forward to her first year assisting with Religious School.
Todd Hacker - Hey Class Teacher
Todd grew up in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley and and lived in Chicago for four years before coming back home to the East Coast and settling in Milford. Lower Slower Delaware has been his second home as a family vacation destination since the 1980s. Todd has his undergraduate and graduate degrees in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from Arcadia University and graduate certificates in Jewish Education and Jewish Studies from Gratz College in Melrose Park, PA. This will be his 14th year of religious school teaching. Todd has taught various grades, from 3rd grade all the way through high school, and on topics ranging from comparative religion to modern Hebrew. He enjoys spending his spare time with his whippet Leo and greyhound Zev and volunteering with a local greyhound rescue organization. He also volunteers as a Big Brother with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Sussex County. Full time, he is a mortgage loan officer. Todd is excited to become an active member of Seaside Congregation!
Evey Herschler - Dalet Class Teacher
Evey has been both a public school and religious school educator. he was a Reading Specialist in the Montgomery County, MD, public school system for 23 years. She was also a religious school teacher and Education Director at several schools in Maryland. This is Evey's second year volunteering at SJC, and she is once again looking forward to working with all the students.
Wendy Kessler - Art Instructor
Wendy started teaching art at Seaside in 2015 and loves seeing all the creative solutions the students come up with for their projects. She has been a graphic designer and fine artist for more than 35 years. Wendy grew up in Youngstown, OH, and arrived in Rehoboth eight years ago after living in the Washington, DC, area and Westchester County, NY.
Emily Simon - Bet Class Teacher
This is Emily's first year teaching at the SJC Religious School. She is an 8th grader at Sussex Academy and had her Bat Mitzvah at Seaside in March 2017.
Rachel Namrow - Alex Class Teacher
This is Rachel's first year teaching at the Religious School. She is an 8th grade Honor Society Student and was recently Bat mitzvah'd at Seaside.