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Job Description - Full Time Religious Leader (2021)
Update on Search for Religious Leader (10/26/20)

Seaside Jewish Community is an independent, unaffiliated, inclusive and egalitarian congregation in Sussex County, Delaware. Its mission is to support and foster Jewish identity by sponsoring religious, cultural, social, and educational activities for its members.

Seaside is governed by a nine-member board of directors and is primarily volunteer-led through an active committee structure. 

The Interim Religious Leader is Rabbi Kevin Bernstein.


Board of Directors

See Newsletter for Phone Numbers and Email Addresses at: About Us > Newsletters - Our general email is:
Joel Simon - President
Todd Hacker - Executive Vice-President
Susan Aaronson - Vice-President for Programs
Howie Hochman - Treasurer
David Udoff - Secretary
Matthew Ash - Board Member
Susan Towers - Board Member
David Herschler - Board Member
Sara Rosen - Board Member
Marsha Davis - Immediate Past President
Buddy Feldman, z"l - Past President
Alyssa Simon - Past President
Mike Saltzman, z"l - Past President
Ed Simon - Past President
Jeffrey Hawtof - Past President
Jason Bradley - Past President
Cindi Silverblatt - Past President
Miriam Zadek - Past President
Cheryl Fruchtman - Past President
Lynne Chichi - Past President

Other Contacts

See Newsletter or Directory for Contact Info About Us > Newsletters
Carole Ash & Hank Smith - Adult Education Committee Co-Chairs
Barry Novich & Allan Slan - Cemetery Committee Co-Chairs
Phyllis Bloom - Chesed Committee
Jennifer Rubenstein & David Udoff - Communications Committee Co-Chairs
Emily Eider - Community Service
Andy Aaronson & Howie Hochman - Finance Committee Co-Chairs
Marilyn Feldman & David Herschler - Fundraising Committee Co-Chairs
Barry & Reba Novich - High Holy Day Logistics Co-Chairs
Matthew Ash & Stanley Silverblatt - House Committee
Elaine Hochman & Diane Flyer - Membership Committee Co-Chairs
Leslie Gladstone & Allan Slan - Multi-Faith Committee Co-Chairs
Norman Stein & Neil Trugman - Security Committee
Fran Saltzman - Social Committee
Sara Rosen - Worship Committee
Alyssa Simon - Youth Education Committee
Rabbi Kevin Bernstein - Interim Religious Leader
Holly Jacobson - Religious School Director
Rabbi Beth Cohen - Rabbi Emeritus