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Progressive Interfaith Alliance

The Cape Henlopen Progressive Interfaith Alliance, of which Seaside is a member, began in 2008 and established itself as a formal organization in 2011 with the creation of a values statement.

The seven points included in the statement express the shared principles of the Alliance's members, and they outline the group's vision. Alliance members use this statement as a guide to their work with each other. They also hope that it might offer helpful guidance for public conversations among other religious groups.

The Alliance is composed of area clergy, who have come together for study and mutual support. Members seek to enrich their individual faith lives by developing appreciation for the beliefs and practices of their religious neighbors. The Alliance meets regularly to explore social issues and plan events reflecting their values.

The value statement reads:

Cape Henlopen Progressive Interfaith Alliance
-We humbly recognize that we stand on holy ground.
-We believe that god is more than can ever be conceived or contained by the human mind.
-We affirm that each person is beloved by god and of infinite value and worth.
-We affirm the authenticity and integrity of our different faith journeys and promise to be respectful and inclusive of our divergent perspectives.
-We pledge to be honest and open to learning and enriching our understandings and experiences of god and each other's rituals and traditions.
-We pursue justice and mercy for all; advocating for each other and uniting in opposition against prejudice and discrimination.
-We welcome others who share these values to join us.