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Seaside Jewish Community has cemetery plots available for members.  The Seaside Jewish Community (SJC) Cemetery is located near historic Lewes, Delaware, near the end of Pilottown Road across from the DeVries Monument. It is physically within, but separate from, the Saint Peter's Episcopal Church (SPC) Pilottown Cemetery.

If you are interested in reserving plots in or want more information about the SJC Cemetery, please email our Cemetery Committee leaders, Barry Novich and Allan Slan, via our SJC email at

The following guidelines and points of understanding exist between SJC and SPC as of December 2015.

1.     SPC has reserved about 101 plots for SJC’s use.

2.     Each plot may accommodate two caskets, or one casket and two urns, or four urns.

3.     SJC determines who qualifies as an occupant in the SJC area and issues a certificate of approval to SPC.

4.     SPC charges $750 per plot. This fee may be adjusted in view of economic circumstances, and/or as desired by SPC. This fee includes perpetual care. Payment for plots will be made directly to SPC.

5.     SPC does not require a liner for a plot, but does allow a liner to be installed if the client so desires.

6.     If an SJC client purchases a plot but later decides not to use it, the client may sell it back to SPC for the price originally paid. Such a plot cannot be sold to a third party.

7.     SPC will be forthcoming in its assistance in burying the deceased within 24 to 48 hours after death, as is customary according to Jewish law.

8.     SPC approves the bench that SJC placed in its area of the cemetery.

9.     SPC approves the pavers SJC installed demarking SJC’s area

10.  SPC approves the use of Jewish icons (e.g. Star of David) and Hebrew letters on SJC headstones.

11.  SPC agrees that non-Jewish religious icons will not appear on any of the headstones in the SJC area (but will allow civic, military, Masonic or other such nonreligious icons.)

12.  SPC prohibits hate symbols of any kind.

13.  SJC agrees that, should SJC disband without a successor institution, plots may revert back to SPC.

14.  SJC participants will abide by all provisions of “St. Peter’s Pilottown Cemetery Policy and Operating Procedures.” These provisions concern standard conditions pertaining to purchase procedures, resale of unused spaces, burial and plot maintenance, monuments, headstones and footstones, plantings and placements, procedures for exceptions, and the like.

15.  Further details and adjustments shall be approved by both SJC and SPC.