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It’s the little things that make a difference. One of my favorite movies is “Evan Almighty.” Steve Carell and Morgan Freeman are in this comedy, and I do recommend it. One of the light hearted messages in the movie is the ARK. Acts of Random Kindness. Again, it’s the little things. At High Holy Days, I often think about this. How can I be a better person? The answer I come up with is often grandiose or just complicated. The truth is, it just takes an ARK to be a better person.

Do you need help? We do! We need Oneg-Kiddush Sponsors. Get on the calendar now by contacting our Oneg Coordinator, whose contact information is under Giving > Sponsor Oneg (click on the link for How to Host an Oneg Shabbat or Kiddush). This ARK is a great way to help celebrate life cycle events or accomplishments with our community.

Even attending services and social events, helping out on committees, or broadening yourself in one of our many adult education classes count as “little things.” Think about this coming High Holy Days. When you are asked about what you did differently this year from last year, will you have some ARKs you accomplished?

--Jeff Hawtof, Past President

Board of Directors

See Newsletter for Phone Numbers and Email Addresses at: About Us > Newsletters - Our general email is:
Buddy Feldman - Co-President
Alyssa Simon - Co-President
Anita Smulyan - Vice President
Eric Doroshow - Treasurer
David Udoff - Secretary
Carole Ash - Board Member
Marsha Davis - Board Member
Mike Saltzman - Board Member
Stanley Silverblatt - Board Member
Mike Saltzman - Immediate Past President
Ed Simon - Past President
Jeffrey Hawtof - Past President
Jason Bradley - Past President
Cindi Silverblatt - Past President
Miriam Zadek - Past President
Cheryl Fruchtman - Past President
Lynne Chichi - Past President

Other Contacts

See Newsletter for Phone Numbers and Email Addresses at: About Us > Newsletters
Marsha Davis - Adult Education
Harvey Fruman - Cemetery Committee
Jennifer Rubenstein & Fran Sneider - Communications Committee Co-Chairs
Anita Smulyan - Community Service & Chesed
Eric Doroshow - Finance
Susan & Andy Aaronson - HHD Logistics Committee
Matthew Ash - House
Howie & Elaine Hochman - Membership
Fran Saltzman - Social Committee
Buddy Feldman - Worship Committee
Marjorie Kobrin - Youth Education
Rabbinic Pastor/Cantor Lisa Levine - Religious Leader
Joel Simon - Religious School Director
Rabbi Beth Cohen - Rabbi Emeritus