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All Adult Ed events are free and open to the public. Check the newsletter for details and come join us! 

The Adult Education Committee of Seaside Jewish Community offers an ongoing series of audio-visual and live presentations each Thursday, covering unique themes related to Jewish culture and identity in some way. Subjects have been as varied as examining the trading routes of Abraham, our first great mercantilist, and understanding the political philosophy of "J Street," the liberal Washington think-tank, have been presented.  Once a year we present a special weekend of learning and social interaction called the Alfred Gross Memorial Scholarship event, in which a catered lunch and extended lecture by an authority especially well-versed in some field of Jewish study is featured. Topics have included "Jewish Mysticism in the Old World," and "Yiddish Songs of the American Labor Movement."


As part of its effort to engage members with books relating to Judaism and Israel, the Adult Education Committee provides a book review in each month's newsletter. Please see the newsletter (in ABOUT US) for this month's selection. Comments, suggestions, and contributions for book reviews can be submitted to Miram Zadek