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MON 11/23 @ 4 PM: Jewish Ghost Stories

11/23/20 - 4:00 PM - via Zoom

Jeffrey Rosen has put together what can be called a series of "Horrible, No Good, Demented, Demonic, Jewish Stories" based on stories by I.L. Peretz, among others. On November 23, Jeffrey will present "A Pinch of Snuff." This is a Peretz story where Satan comes to grips with a saintly rabbi who has never sinned but must be tempted to do so to make a verse of the Tanach accurate. Hear what Satan and his demons do to tempt the rabbi and how the infernal forces try to utilize the rabbi's one and only - but very minor - vice.
FUTURE DATES (the story names may change as the date nears):
Monday, Jan. 25, 2021 @ 4 PM: "A Page for Jules" by I.L. Peretz
Monday, Feb. 25, 2021 @ 4 PM: "A Tale from Worms"
If you have any questions or want a copy of the story. contact Jeffrey Rosen at

CLICK HERE for a pdf of the story