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MON 3/23 @ 3PM: Haftarah Class

3/23/20 - 3:00 PM - Call for address

Please contact Jeffrey Rosen ( to sign up for the classes.
A "Haftarah" is a selection from one of the books of the Prophets which is part of the Torah Service and read immediately after the prescribed Torah reading. Each selection is thematically related to and connected with the specific Torah reading, observance, or time of the year.
The class reads aloud and discusses a "Haftarah" selection in English but with occasional reference to the Hebrew original. No knowledge of Hebrew is required. This format invites and encourages discussion. Discussion items include the historical background and context and how the Haftarah relates to the Torah portion, holiday, observance, or occasion.
The class aims to be inviting and inclusive and is open to all, regardless of background or level of knowledge. The goal of the class is to increase facility and familiarity with the Haftarah in order to enhance your experience of that service.
All classes start at 3:00 PM (and run to approximately 4:30 PM). For further information, call Jeffrey Rosen at 240-393-2601.