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WED 10/2: Break the Fast Kugel Deadline

10/2/19 - 5:00 PM - Epworth United Methodist Church

The holidays are almost here! It's time to dust off your recipe boxes and choose your favorite kugel or dessert to share at the Break-the-Fast Dinner on Wednesday, Oct. 9. We need dairy or pareve kugels made in 8 x 11" disposable aluminum pans. We also need dairy or parve desserts, homemade or store bought.
If you want to volunteer, we need to hear from you by Oct. 2 or earlier. Please contact Anita Smulyan about making kugels at or 302-703-2900, and contact Idylle (Dill) Patz at or 302-537-4368 with your dessert contributions. Please do not bring any kugels or desserts to the Break-the-Fast without contacting Anita or Dill by that date. If you have any other questions, please contact Anita.