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MON 12/13 @ 4 PM: Haftarah Class

12/13/21 - 4:00 PM - Via Zoom

This class discusses the HAFTARAH FOR THE FIRST SHABBAT OF Chanukah- ZECHARIAH 2:14-4:7- Augment your Chanukah celebration with this magnificent Haftarah from the time of the dedication of the Second Temple after the Babylonian Exile. What imagery that you find here is appropriate to Chanukah? How are Zechariah's words thematically related? Who was Zechariah and what is the historical background here? Why is this Haftarah also the Haftarah for Parshah B'Ha-alot'kha, making it one of the few Haftorot read twice a year? Any questions, please contact Jeffrey at A Zoom link will be provided in an upcoming eBlast.