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SUN 9/26 @10:00 AM: Teaching by Rabbi Julie Danan

9/26/21 - 10:00 AM - Via Zoom

"Kohelet (Ecclesiastes): Does This Book Belong in the Bible?" Many synagogues read the book of Kohelet/Ecclesiastes during Sukkot worship services - a festival of joy, thanksgiving and happiness. Incongruously, however, the Kohelet asserts that everything is a "vanity of vanities," and implies repeatedly that there isn't any meaning to life -- since we're all going to die anyway! So, how did the Kohelet become the featured book of the Sukkot harvest festival even though our Sages have debated whether to include it in the Bible - or even to censor it completely? Rabbi Danan will lead us in reading and discussing selections from the Kohelet before voting on whether this puzzling book really belongs in the Bible -- and on our reading tables. If you would like to read some of the Kohelet before Rabbi Danan's presentation, you can find it at: A Zoom link will be provided in an upcoming eBlast.