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TUE 2/16 @ 4 PM: Holocaust Series Part IV

2/16/21 - 4:00 PM - via Zoom or Google Meet

We will present the fourth segment of our four-part Holocaust series. This segment is titled, "The Red Cross Visits Theresienstadt." In June 1944, following the deportation of Danish Jews to Theresienstadt, German authorities submitted to international pressure and allowed representatives of the Danish Red Cross and International Red Cross to visit the ghetto-labor camp. In preparation, elaborate efforts were taken to "beautify" Theresienstadt and to conceal the conditions from the outside observers. However, testimony, surviving materials and documents refute Nazi propagandists' attempt to re-write history. USHMM Curator Kassandra LaPrade-Seuthe will share Museum collections that expose the realities of daily life in the Camp.

A link will be provided in an eBlast closer to the date of the event.